When You See Me Cry

Illustration: One person is crying and the other offers them a napkin

When You See me cry,
Don’t try to stop me
Or fix me
Or change me
Or help me.
If you’re moved to hold me
Or sit with me,
Touch me or hand me a tissue, Do!
But don’t worry about me
Or assume something is wrong,
When you see me cry.
When you see me cry,
You are watching the ice inside me melt
The hard places, the stuck places, the cold places,
Warmed from the inside by my own heart.
My tears are one of love’s favorite faces.
When you see me cry
You can smile if you want to,
You can relax, you can breathe, you can be with me in my release.
You can feel whatever you feel,
When you see me cry;
We just might melt together.

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