Illustration: woman wrapped in bindings

There is a modern damsel-in-distress
Trapped in castles of her own keeping
A blushing bride trying to hide behind her pride
but deep inside resides a powerful force
straight from The Source
A well of sexual swell
hotter than hell
A twisted sister wrapped and bound
wound around her own core
which she’s learned to ignore for fear of attention
rejection, shock of her own reflection
She’s trapped inside her mind
Can’t find how to unwind from her bind
She cries, tears rise ripping through the disguise she despises.
The key to unlocking
unblocking her flow
so her essence can glow
her radiance grow
is to go slow
back to the source of that tear
and find her fear.
Trace that saltwater trail back to its origin
before she’s at war again
Soothe that central wound
and soon
she softens,
often relaxing the very thing
that central string
binding her wing.
Let it fling
let her try
let her go
let her fly.

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