The Arrival.


Comic: Person's reflection in mirror welcoming themselves home

No more pushing
No more war
No more battles
Keeping score.
No more racing
No more force
No more better
No more worse.
No more rushing
No more stress
No more better
No more best.
No more winning
No more losing
No more risking
Simply choosing.
Nothing to get
Nothing to gain
Welcome the Joy
Welcome the Pain.
Welcome what is
Welcome not knowing.
Welcome the now
Welcome unfolding.
Welcome this body
Welcome this breath
Welcome this life
Welcome this death.
You’re not getting close.
You’re not getting near.
You’re already home.
You’re already here.

6 thoughts on “The Arrival.”

  1. Thanks for sharing your poem. The second half captures well the spirit of “trust the present moment” and “right now it is like this”, which have become two of my most important anchors.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. You are really a good poet and artist, and public speaker (Lilou interview).
    Thank you for seeing what you see, and being who you be, doing what you do,
    and being true to what is true, for you. Infinite energy and success.


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