The 15 Commitments

Today is the Launch of a book called The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. And I’m writing this post to suggest that if the title speaks to you: BUY IT.

You may like it because it’s illustrated by Dharma Comics,  But there’s a better reason…

… The material in this book CHANGES LIVES. (It changed mine.) 

The authors of this book have been my  mentors and guides and dear friends over the last three years.  Their teachings are responsible for so much of the work I’ve published during this time.

I’m a better person along every axis I could have hoped for for myself, thanks to these folks. So the very least I can do, is say THANK YOU. And then to pay forward all they’ve done for me, by letting you know about them.

A final note:  The more copies that are bought today JANUARY 15th, the better their shot at success. So, if you’re considering buying the book for yourself or someone else, just go for it. 🙂 

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