That Song

Comic: Distracted by music while working

You know that moment when you’re working away in a cafe, or reading, or sitting, or staring out the window and you hear that song…that song.

That song that you used to love but you haven’t heard it in years, how long has it been? Maybe since you were a kid? Back when everything was shinny and hopeful and possible and even guaranteed. Wasn’t it? Weren’t there promises?

And it comes on now, that song, right at the right moment when you’re a little down and a little unsure and you’re doing your best but you’re on shaky ground and you’re just not exactly clear how this is all gonna turn out after all. But you keep going. Until you hear that song.

And then you stop.

You stop what you’re doing and you feel your heart get big and your body relax and you know that for now, just for now at least, and a little bit longer, everything is and will be ok.


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