Regret Lies

Drawing of a burning candle, "Regret, like all things is a flavor of now"

Regret Lies. 

It will tell you it lives in the past, unfixable.
It will tell you relief is in the future, 
In do-overs, apologies, and making amends. 

But regret, like all things, is a flavor of now.
It is as immediate as a heartbeat, 
As near as our own face.
It is the burning of the heart’s wick 
and the melting of its wax. 

Regret is a dying wish from the past
Begging us to release our desperate grip
On a memory, as real now as an imagination or a dream.  
Regret is a present-moment dread with no solution
and no solution required. 
It is an invitation
to learn, let go, and live.

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