The Magic of Spelling and Wordplay

“Oh, you’re going to love this woman.” 

My partner, Vince, said this to me three minutes into a 2.5 hour podcast. That guy sure knows me. 

If you are a word-nerd, language-lover, sound-hound, or perpetual-verbal-meaning-seeker, then I’m writing this Pearl for you.

And though there’s nothing to buy

I recommend 

taking time to spend 

with this intelli-gentle 

fairy word-mother 

Here is an interview with Laurel Airica; whose perspective has forever appreciated my appreciation for the invisible hand of language. 

A few notes: 

  • This interview took me several days to listen to completely. Both Laurel Airica and interviewer Aubrey Marcus are so precise with their words. I found each part of the conversation nutrient-rich with impact and ideas, which I chose to chew on, digest, and heartsimilate. (As opposed to assimilate 🙂
  • I decided not to “protect your time” by sharing clips or time stamping this interview. I found the full journey of the conversation so rewarding. I can’t know, but I suspect much would be missed in abridgement; and as Aubrey mentions in the discussion, “how dare I be reductionist.”
  • Though there is much to be extracted from their conversation, the essence for me was a deeper experience of how our word choice (or in some cases, lack there-of) affects what we experience and what we see as possible (or not). 

s’Ending you off with Love!