Seduce your Senses – Volume 3 Sight…

Here in Bali, I have discovered the growing popularity of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea. Delight and impress your own visual senses, as well as any guests with the magical alchemy of this plant.  I just bought it for a six year old in my life. I hope she likes it! 


I don’t want to totally blow the surprise, but if you order it, BE SURE TO ADD LEMON after brewing.

I think shop has pretty beautiful packaging. You just have to buy it with two other flower teas. Doesn’t seem like the worst thing though. If you purchase it there, let me know if the Rosebud and Jasmine delight you too.

Much love friends. Enjoy drinking your flowers! 

With love,


PS. Since we’re on the topic of visual beauty, my partner Vince recently shared with me this Music Video made in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence. I love the way the lyrics and the visuals unfold together. This is one of those pieces I can’t tell if I’m watching with my eyes or heart.