Seduce your Senses – Volume 2 Sound…

Recently a neighbor of mine here in Bali gave me a sound healing,  playing several instruments while I lay face down on a massage table soaking in the literal vibes.

One of the instruments caught my breath. After the session, I picked up the Koshi Chimes and fell in love. 

If a piano string and a wind chime had a passionate tangled affair –
I think Koshi Chimes might be their love child. 

They are kind of like wind chimes, but to my ear have a much more three-dimensional and magical sound.

Each chime is said to be inspired by one of the four elements: Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. You can buy one if you’re wanting to invoke more of that particular element in your life, or a set of all four if you’re moved to. I also think they will make beautiful gifts. 

After my last email, I had a request to include direct source links instead of or in addition to amazon. This is the direct source website I found the most beautiful (

If you prefer the big AMZN, here it is.

Lastly, while we’re on the topic of sound, There Will Be Time by Mumford and Sons is the latest song I have on playing on repeat right now.

Enjoy the beauty my friends!