Seduce your Senses – Volume 1 Taste…

About a year ago on a road trip from Boulder to Sedona I stopped in Pagosa Springs at one of my favorite coffee shops, ROOT HOUSE coffee + shop.

This is where I impulse purchased my now favorite cookbook of all time, Half Baked Harvest.

This cookbook has the three qualities I apparently require: 

Every recipe I make is unreasonably delicious. I’ve yet to have a dinner guest leave a morsel behind. 

Every recipe is do-ableNothing over-the-top complicated or confusing. No recipes that require four other sub-recipes (“ for the burnt garlic aioli, turn to page 92 “ etc.). Her meals stretch me on flavor and creativity, not on over-my-skill-level technique. 

The book itself is beautifulI want to cuddle with it. I want to hold it next to my heart. I want to fall asleep with my cheek smushed against the colorful cover.  These days I only buy cookbooks whose glossy photos make me want to lick the page. 

I want my cooking days to start with my eyes igniting my digestive fires to burn so bright I leap off the couch and race my salivating self to the grocery store. 

This book is created by a young Colorado woman Tieghan Gerard. I’m told her blog and other cookbooks are just as amazing. I’ll buy them when I’m done working my way through this one.

Tieghan Gerard

If you check out any of the recipes in Half Baked Harvest, let me know what you think! Hint, the Artichoke, and Chorizo dip and Thin-crust Zucchini and Roasted Corn Cheesy Kale are two of my favorites.

From my  Noms to yours,

With love,