Calling all Coffee Drinkers

Let’s keep this short and frothy shall we?

If you are a coffee drinker and drink coffee anyway but black, then I recommend this magic wand.

Personally I’m a big fan of Ghee in my coffee, but the buttery concoction is no good without blending; even with an immersion blender the process creates more dishes than I’m willing to wash every day. This little doo-hicky foams up the coffee and the Ghee in the most delicious way. 

Vince uses the wand two ways, first he blends the can of coconut milk (cause you know how it separates), then he pours the frothy coconut milk in his coffee and blends again.

The Nestpark Portable Drink Mixer doesn’t heat the milk, however, it does elevate the beverage feel and taste to your favorite specialty coffee situation.