A Singer of Truth!

If you’ve spent time in the spiritual-self-help world, it’s likely you’ve run into best-selling author, Michael “Mickey” Singer


More accurately: I. LOVE. HIS TEACHINGS. 

And specifically: I. LOVE THE WAY HE TEACHES.  

Ok. I’ll stop yelling now. It’s just that I have no other way to convey the depths of my adoration for Michael Singer’s message and his joyful way of communicating it.  Rather than speak about him though, I’ll let him speak for himself: 

1) For anyone already familiar with Michael Singer’s work, but has not listened to “Living from a Place of Surrender: Online Course,” drop whatever else you’re listening to, even if it’s your partner telling you about their day, and listen to this instead. I’ve just finished my fourth time through and love it more than ever.

Note: this is also available on video, though I haven’t consumed it that way. 

2) For anyone new to Michael Singer: Start with the suggestion above, or read The Untethered Soul. And by read, I mean read. Don’t listen. To my taste, the audio version doesn’t do the book justice. 

This is also the book I recommend to anyone new to the inner work/spiritual path. It’s been 15 years since I first read it and I still think it articulates the human predicament better than anything I’ve read since. I’ve also listened through The Untethered Soul Lecture Series (on Amazon here) twice as well. I know I loved it, but I can’t remember it well enough to rank it with my other suggestions, and it’s a bigger investment. If you consume the rest and want more, then go for it. 

3) For anyone who believes life is either spiritual or productive: 

First follow either or both of the above recommendations and then read or listen to The Surrender Experiment. This is Mickey’s autobiography and tells an epic tale of living in the world as a spiritual practice.  If you find envy or judgment arise while listening, then let go. Since you’ve already read my first recommendation(s), you know what I mean by that. 😉 

4) Since Michael Singer is all about freedom, you can also listen to his Free Podcast, which I am loving as much as anything else. I think it could help to have the groundwork from the Living in Surrender lectures and the reading of The Untethered Soul (see 1 & 2 above), but I’m not sure about that. 

If you end up discovering a passion for the teachings of this Singer of Truth, please let me know so we can spiritual-nerd-quote Mickey together.  

With all the love, 


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