A Mixtape For You

Recently I shared a piece called Relaxation is Not Exhaustion in which I wrote about the value of rest. As the post articulates, rest is often easier talked about than done.

Here is a Spotify playlist I made specifically designed to cultivate relaxation. Technically this post is 19 Pearls in one, since each of these artists is a pearl in their own right. 

Together they comprise a 92-minute mix of a variety of genres: Lyrical and instrumental, spiritual and secular, classical, electronic, and pop.

Stick figure person holding up a cassette tape. Text: "I made this for you. (How 90's is that?).
Slow Yo1 Roll

These are songs that relax my body, heart and mind, and have survived several of my rather ruthless Spotify scrubs. For those who don’t use Spotify, below is the list of songs. 

Since this is called a playlist, consider playing with it! Pick the songs you like best and make your own slow flow from the songs you like best. 

Oh! As one bonus suggestion: This 30 minute track called Flying by Peter Helland (On YouTube or Spotify) has been one of my favorite songs to dissolve into for many years now. 

Spotify Playlist:
Deep Healing by Sol Rising, The Sacred Syllable Om with Thunder, Improv by Vidura Barrios, Nate Morgan, Jeffrey Main, Tom Rossi;

If you end up listening, reply here, I’d love to know how it goes. What songs do you love best? What contexts have you found for listening to this mix? Would you like more Pearl playlists for different situations? 

With all the love,