Here’s a story for you, the conclusion of which is that I am going through a creative metamorphosis. I invite you to read on and decide if you want to be a part of the new direction. 

After a hike a few weeks ago, I was driving back to my Colorado mountain home with one of my dearest friends, Vlada.  At one point in our conversation she turned to me and said something like “Why don’t you write a recommendations newsletter?” 

“Recommendations?” I thought, scrunching up my nose. “Isn’t that like…marketing? But I’m an artist! I’m a writer! I’m a coach!”

But then recent memories started flooding in. In the past week alone:

  • I had texted five different girlfriends a link to Jamie Sadock’s Sunsense sunblocking shirts.
  • I sent “Beaumont Lafayette”, a fantastic song (on Spotify) I’d just discovered to nine or ten friends. 
  • I turned my mom on to my new favorite kitchen tool, Souper Cubes. Two recent house guests have also bought Souper Cubes since staying with me.
  • A friend so loved the Honey Mama’s chocolate I served after a dinner party, she ordered some to her own home before leaving that night.
  • I told three friends who usually like my book recommendations to download  Crying in H Mart, the memoir I was just listening to.

Holy smokes, I am a recommendation engine! My friend Diana has always called me a pollinator – flitting all over the globe, trying things on bringing the best back to my tribe.

When Vlada and I arrived back at the house, my phone doodle-dood. My friend Grace had just sent me a video message showing me she had ordered, received, and was loving the drawer organizer I’d recommended to her. 

That was all the synchronicity I needed to say “Yes. Let’s give it a try.”

Within one week I had a new brand thanks to Sue, a new logo thanks to designcrowd, and a new teammate thanks to upwork.

Though I have no need to sell anything, I do love to celebrate and share genius design, inspiration, and functionality. My hope is to create bigger and bigger circles of awesomeness for anyone who wants to take part. 

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