“May All Beings Be Happy”

Last month I traveled to Japan to join with thousands of like-hearted people at the base of Mt Fuji, to pray for “Peace On Earth.”   The event brought together leaders from several different faiths to lead us in prayers from many religions, and ended with a flag ceremony in which we prayed for peace in every country on earth in the language or languages of that country.

Among the many, many gifts i received during my trip, one was learning the art of Mantra Mandala.

Photo of Japanese Mandala

Some call it praying. Some call it meditation. Some call it art.

The idea is simple. Pick a word or phrase that you’d like to more fully embody. Then write that phrase over and over and over again, in growing concentric circles. (Note: while in Japan, i was gifted special paper with the rings already printed on them.)

Close up photo of the concentric rings in the mandala, showing color changes

If you have artistic tendencies (i do! i do!) then you can bring the mandala to life by beginning with a pencil design.

As you write your mantra, switch the color of your pen as you reach different parts of your picture.

This is my first large Mandala, made for a friend who is devoted to the happiness of all beings on earth, people, animals, plants.

Close up photo of Leah's mandala

About ten thousand times over about 200 rings, it reads “May All Beings Be Happy.”

And in this case, i chose “happy” as a shorthand for healthy, nourished, safe, fulfilled, and thriving.

Thank you again, to my hosts in Japan, who taught me not only the art of the Mandala, but the art  of deep love, and patient, devoted joyful service.

4 thoughts on ““May All Beings Be Happy””

  1. Authenticity reaching for and arriving at truth. Thank you for sharing this path towards expression that all people, artists or they think not, can pursue. Willing to give it a whirl!

  2. My daughter’s friend has a tattoo in Tibetan: Heal The Earth. I am going to share this idea with her, and also work on my own. Thank you for sharing!


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