Love, Lies, Death, and Dads

I’m discovering something about Death: It’s a lie.

My dad is with me everyday in so many ways. I suspect he’s responsible when his favorite songs come on the radio. I sense him in any man playing a guitar. I often feel him standing behind me with a reassuring hand on my shoulder. When I look up and smile, I see his invisible wink, his toothy grin, his ever-present joy. Am I imagining this?

Photo of Leah's father teaching her to play guitar

I’m learning something about Life: It’s way bigger than I can see.

The invisible goes so far and wide that my tiny mind can’t begin to keep up. Where does reality end and imagination start? What is memory? What is planning? What is fantasy? Take dragons, for example: Magical creatures that don’t exist…and yet, don’t they? We all know when we see one. Sure you can’t touch them, but you can’t touch love either..

Where do we draw the lines around reality? What’s a wish? What’s intention? What is impossible? What isn’t? How do things come from an idea into being? And when they disappear, Where do they go?

Comic: dreaming of dragons

I’m marveling about Magic: IT’S REAL. It’s a thing!

Some people say magic is science that has yet to be proved. I like that definition. I also like this: Magic is the ability to notice what you want and make it happen from a quiet warm place in your heart. My best friends wanted a baby and now…there is a baby. Where did she come from? And her baby teeth? Where are they coming from? Isn’t it amazing how it works!?

Comic: Magician

I’m melting into the Mystery: It’s a marvelous place to rest.

What is all this? Who am I? How did that..? And why is that…? Where did this..? How can I…? What are we…? Dad…is that you?

Comic: Questions - a nice place to rest

I’m learning something about Love: It doesn’t end.

It keeps rolling on and on, behind and through, in and around the illusion of a glimmering world. It’s the backdrop, the makeup, the essence of everything. It doesn’t care whether someone dies or a relationship falls apart. It doesn’t care if something doesn’t seem to work out. It’s so much stronger than all of that, so much longer. Its time horizon is. No matter what happens, It’s there, the sparkly invisible glue holding everything together. It’s the way, the why, and the how.

I’m exploring endings: Do they really exist?

When I look, I can never quite find one. I see Now and Forever, and nothing in between.

Photo of Leah's dad

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.You believed me into being, and now I get to believe in you.

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