Happy Summer News Letter Time

Hi friends!

How are you? Enjoying sunny summertime? We have been playing the long days away and dreaming up the future of Dharma Comics.

In March, Leah took a month to retreat at Heavenly in Tahoe. She was able to rest and regroup from Wisdom 2.0 and began a couple of illustration projects. (Stay tuned for more on those projects in the coming months!)

April found her in Baltimore with the Holistic Life Foundation, and in May she jet-setted off to Tokyo for the Symphony of Peace Prayers with a group of youth leaders from around the world. While there she also did a little Juicy Living interview with Lilou Mace and learned the art of the Mantra Mandalas.

“I love traveling. I love coming home. I love traveling. I love coming home.”

One delightful accomplishment was Leah and Dharma Comics being featured by Eckhart Tolle. He’s been a huge inspiration to her on her journey and it was a great honor to share that with him in person.

“Don’t forget about the kids!”

Oh yeah! Word has been reaching us that Dharma Comics are a hit with children. We’ve received several photos of kids of all ages soaking up Leah’s art and heart thanks to their parents’ Dharma Comics books.

Leah met this young friend while visiting the Holistic Life Foundation in Baltimore. She could clearly teach us a thing or two about life!

If you see anyone enjoying Dharma Comics out there in the world, let us know! We love seeing where these little guys end up.

As always, thank you all for your love and support. Until next time, wishing you a bright and beautiful summer.


Signature: Leah & Emily

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