Hi! My Name is Leah

Let me help you experience more freedom, peace, and power in your life.
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Hi! My Name is Leah

Let me help you experience more freedom, peace, and power in your life.
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I am tenacious when it comes to discovering, facing, and transforming

I am a devoted student and teacher of inner work and personal growth. Though I have studied many, many things, my primary areas of mastery are The 15 commitments of Conscious LeadershipThe Work of Byron Katie, and The Sedona Method.

Read more about my personal story here.

Now I am devoted to helping courageous, willing people free themselves from mental and emotional suffering. In my experience, after our basic needs of food, water, air, shelter, and physical safety are met, the majority of our suffering comes from what we are thinking, believing, and repressing.

As your private coach or group facilitator, I will help illuminate the mental and emotional patterns that seem to be keeping you stuck, and then efficiently guide you to release, repattern, and rewrite them.

I really love that she’s so supportive but at the same time she doesn’t let things slide. Leah also has the ability to see the unseen which brings to light roots of problems and helps unearth issues.

Vlada Bortnik
CEO and Co-founder of Marco Polo App

How do I help?


I write personal essays about my own inner work journey to show the personal application of all I teach.


If you’re serious about your freedom and would like my coaching support, set up an exploratory conversation.


I create practical meditations to guide you through difficult inner experiences.

Working with Leah is like having a super sensitive seer who is shining her light of awareness on me. She reflects myself to me with such precision, that I can unwind old patterns with ease. Her curiosity is infectious and it never feels like work, its fun, engaging and powerful. I have not met anyone who matches her refinement and skill with leading people through Releasing. The work I have done with her continues to ripple in my life everyday.

Grace C
The Conscious Leadership Group

Leah coaches with loving clarity. She brings an incisive mind, a gushing heart, striking intuition, and her years of devoted study to her coaching work. Five minutes of Leah’s coaching often has saved me five years of suboptimal living and leading.

Sue H
CEO of MergeLane and HeySue.com

I am available to connect with you

I currently work with a select few individuals who are ready to dig deep, courageously explore, and rewire patterns.