Enough :-)

Drawing: person wearing crown sitting on a red throne

Do you know you’re enough?
That you’re made of the stuff
Of the stars
And the Czars
And the moons around Mars?

Can you feel your body
Is all that you need?
From the curve of your brow
To the bend in your knee?
From the tip of your nose
To the space between toes
Some part of you knows
Your body’s pose
Is always a stance
In the midst of a dance.

Can you trust that your choice
To voice
Your truth
May be others’ muse?
The key they use
To set themselves free
To let their hearts loose?

Can you sense your own power?
To flower?
The very hour
You take the reins
And choose to switch lanes
In any direction
That gives you connection
To your inner Knowing
Your sense of perfection?

Can you own
That you’re worth being known?
That you’re never alone?
And it’s safe, when you’re ready
To step from the shadows
And on to your throne?

5 thoughts on “Enough :-)”

  1. This is one of my themes for the year Leah. Thank you for your fun and wonderful poem, I will bring it in to my ‘focus arsenal’. to yours and my muchness!


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