Dads in Heaven

Drawing - people cheering from bleachers, surrounded by clouds.

I imagine a special spot in heaven
For the dads.
It looks like the bleachers at a little league game.
But way up in the clouds.
Each dad has on the jersey
With his kid’s name,
A picture in his wallet.
Each dad is smiling
With ruddy cheeks
And glowing skin.
They’ll shout
“That’s my kid!” when we make them proud.
“You got this,honey.”
When we’re feeling down.
They watch us play
The game of life
Like they showed us how.
And when it’s time
For a new dad to arrive
They all slide aside,
“Welcome, friend! Grab a seat!
The view up here is neater than neat.”
I like to imagine this place in heaven
is the perfect place for dads to lurk
admiring their own handy work.
“Well, Ok!” The new dad will say.
“I guess today is The day,
To trust all i did
In raising my kid.”

7 thoughts on “Dads in Heaven”

  1. Leah, you and I have had conversations concerning “words”, conversations that I had many times with your dad over many years. This little piece of reflection impressed me more than anything I have read in many years. I think you know I have always been impressed with you and what you have accomplished, but for me this is the icing on the cake.
    Thank you.

  2. Leah – that was beautiful! I think my Dad has a t-shirt on with my name and way high up in the bleachers ’cause he’s been gone awhile. Thank You. LA


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