Cry Of the Devoted

I want to serve you.
I want to support you.
I want to know you, the real you.
I want to know your strongest most satisfied humble vulnerable peaceful passionate poetic powerful self.
I do not want to be your purpose; I want to be in such service of your purpose that you keep me close as your most precious gift.
I want to be beautiful for you,
I want to be soft and strong for you.
I want to be a muse for you, an inspiration. I want to create with you.
I want to explore with you. I want to uncover, discover, and recover.
I want to be as great an ally as you could imagine for yourself.
I want to take care of you.
I want to hold you.
I want to heal you.
I want to cook for you.
I want to get down on my knees and clean for you.
I want to fulfill every fantasy you have, every desire in you.
I want to scream your name into the winds and whisper it into the sand.
I want to be a haven for you, a safe place.
I want you to trust enough to tell me everything without fear of judgment or abandonment.
I want to know your fears, your weaknesses, your doubts, your attractions, your deepest and most base desires, I want you to feel held in your questions, your dilemmas, your not-knowing.
I want to be in awe of your greatness and held by it too.
I want you to use me. Don’t take advantage, but use me. I offer myself up to you.
I want to worship you when you’re worthy, stand equal when you ask, and when my heart detects a fissure, a crack, or tear, I want to push you with everything I have, my rage, my heartbreak, my sexuality, my appreciation, my vulnerability, my desire, until you go deeper into your integrity.
And I want your patience and support as I learn to be what you need.
I want you to nurture me as I nurture you.
I want you to require my best.
And as I expand in devotion to you, my heart will keep opening until I get what I really want…
To become. Love. Itself.

1 thought on “Cry Of the Devoted”

  1. Dear Leah,

    I am in awe! You have touch the deepest core of love. Never in my years of reading poetry have I felt so fullfilled, to see in printing what every cell of my body would like to scream to that special being!

    Thank you, thank you dear Soul!



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