Unbind Yourself

Unbind yourself from contradictions. If you are stuck, they may be why.  Trace your rules back to their sourceWere they ever yours to begin with?  Or were they modeled? Inherited? Overheard? Impressed upon you…or else. Did they come from an abstract authorityOr your own innermost knowing?  Were they helpful for some other time?Or someone else’s context? Unbind … Read more

Drawing of a burning candle, "Regret, like all things is a flavor of now"

Regret Lies

Regret Lies.  It will tell you it lives in the past, unfixable.It will tell you relief is in the future, In do-overs, apologies, and making amends.  But regret, like all things, is a flavor of now.It is as immediate as a heartbeat, As near as our own face.It is the burning of the heart’s wick and the melting … Read more

The Hole Inside

There’s only one thing I’ve ever foundTo fill the hole inside. Money won’t do the jobAnd a job is not enough.Looking good just covers upThe deeper painful stuff Approval from outside won’t do,Pride only last so longSoon the hole is back againAs deep and just as strong Accomplishments won’t fill itNor any trophies wonGenerosity is … Read more


A few days ago, I woke up at 3 am and couldn’t fall back to sleep. I had unintentionally boarded the train of thought, which meandered its way to an old uncomfortable memory of getting dumped. Not recently. Vince and I are doing great which made it all the more annoying that I found myself revisiting a … Read more

Let Yourself Be Loved

Even WhenNo Matter What  Let yourself be loved.Even when you can’t imagine why, let yourself be loved.Even when you’re completely lost, let yourself be loved.Even when you’ve been a jerk, let yourself be loved.Even when everyone else seems to be doing more or better, let yourself be loved. Let yourself be loved.Even when you’re excited … Read more

I Don’t Want To Own You

I don’t want to own you.In fact, the first thing I ever loved about you was your un-own-ability. I saw your freedom, your self containment,A profound inner communion.I was attracted right away by what I observedAs a beautiful specimen of wholeness.That’s how I imagined you anyway, watching you From afar. Now that I know you … Read more

When You See Me Cry

When You See me cry,Don’t try to stop meOr fix meOr change meOr help me.If you’re moved to hold meOr sit with me,Touch me or hand me a tissue, Do!But don’t worry about meOr assume something is wrong,When you see me cry.When you see me cry,You are watching the ice inside me meltThe hard places, … Read more

Infinity In a Box

Presence  Or, Infinity In a Box I think Presence gets a bad rap.  It isn’t sitting quietly with open attention (except when it is). it isn’t a smile or a nod or a peaceful pose (except when it is). It isn’t gentle or passive, silent or still (except when it is). Presence is WILD As wild … Read more

Please Call Me On My Shit

Please call me on my shit.  If I hurt you. If I leave you. If I make you feel unseen. If I drop you. If I miss you. If my motives seem unclean. Please call me on my shit  When I say something that’s rude. Call me out at times you feel run over by … Read more


I know it’s dark, where you are.I know you can’t see.I know you’re confused and lost, scared and alone.I know sometimes you’re in so much pain you scream at the sky, begging for relief.I also know you’re committed.You’re fiercely, unwaveringly devoted to keep going.You’re not turning back, no matter how bad it gets, You’re never … Read more