Illustration: Person hiding in a paper bag

I am Scared

Yesterday I read an article during and after which I felt scared.  I imagine I’m not the only one who has had that experience recently, so I thought it might be helpful to share how I worked with the fear.  The first thing I did was notice. “I am scared.” To me, that simple recognition … Read more

Unbind Yourself

Unbind yourself from contradictions. If you are stuck, they may be why.  Trace your rules back to their sourceWere they ever yours to begin with?  Or were they modeled? Inherited? Overheard? Impressed upon you…or else. Did they come from an abstract authorityOr your own innermost knowing?  Were they helpful for some other time?Or someone else’s context? Unbind … Read more

Voting With Our Attention

On a recent road trip, Vince and I pulled up alongside several handwritten signs staked near intersection. As the passenger, I leaned toward the window and could easily make out the messages. They all boiled down to : Trump is an idiot  Trump is crazy  Don’t trust Trump  And about 12 others. “What do they say?” Vince asked, his eyes focused on the … Read more

The Happening

A few months ago, my friend Diana suggested I watch The Biggest Little Farm. “You will love it.” she said. And boy-oh-boy was she right. I LOVED it. It changed the way I SEE. Specifically the way I see nature, but what isn’t nature? Aren’t we nature? Recently, my friends Jon and Sharon posited that the Earth doesn’t actually top out at the ground but … Read more

Turtles All The Way Down

There’s a story in which one person asks another, “On what is the Earth resting?” The second person answers, “Why, the Earth is resting on a turtle’s back!” The first person asks, “Then on what is that turtle resting?” The second person answers, “Why, another turtle, of course!” The first person looks puzzled. “My friend,” … Read more

The Jailbreak of Anxious Annie

Those of you who have been following me for a while may have noticed that my art tends to be clean, clear, simple, and tries to make a point. Without knowing why or how, these values had unconsciously become the only way I felt comfortable creating. Until yesterday. Before we get to show and tell, … Read more

The Only Thing That Can Keep Up With Change

Last night I was taking to Allan about relationships, labels, and commitment. Allan is a Canadian man I’ve been recently dating. Note to Americans: if you find yourself “dating” a Canadian, you might want to have conversation about what that word means to each of you, to save yourself from an awkward moment. 🙂 Allan … Read more

Memory of a Life

In the work of Conscious Leadership, which Sue and I teach at our Leadership Camps, we talk about the value of living in one’s Zone of Genius. The gift and curse of teaching work like this is that it constantly invites deeper alignment with the material we teach. When I find gaps, it can sometimes … Read more

Tale of a Terrified Should-Monster

Every morning, I wake up in a hurry. Why? I don’t have a formal job. I don’t have early morning meetings or traffic to beat. I don’t have kids. I don’t have a dog to walk or cows to milk. I’m not training for a marathon. But when I wake up, no matter what time … Read more


This year for my birthday, I’m giving myself the perfect gift. I’m giving myself Permission. Here’s what that looks like: Being You. You are allowed to be you. You are allowed as YOU as you are. You are allowed to spend time finding out what that means. You are allowed to experiment. You are allowed … Read more