Baltimore Goes To Hamilton: Our Fundraiser

When I saw Hamilton for the first time, I was totally struck by the show, as everyone is.  But I was also struck by the contrast of a cast of people color and an audience of white people, like me. In the same moment I felt my heart break, I had an idea. For 15 … Read more

The Poetry of Pleasure

Originally published in Elephant Journal These days I do yoga because it feels like sex. I told this to someone recently who said, “Really? You must not have great sex.” “Maybe,” I admitted, “but could it be that you haven’t had great yoga?” When I say yoga feels like sex, I don’t mean the penetrating, … Read more

I Don’t Want To Own You

I don’t want to own you.In fact, the first thing I ever loved about you was your un-own-ability. I saw your freedom, your self containment,A profound inner communion.I was attracted right away by what I observedAs a beautiful specimen of wholeness.That’s how I imagined you anyway, watching you From afar. Now that I know you … Read more

Memory of a Life

In the work of Conscious Leadership, which Sue and I teach at our Leadership Camps, we talk about the value of living in one’s Zone of Genius. The gift and curse of teaching work like this is that it constantly invites deeper alignment with the material we teach. When I find gaps, it can sometimes … Read more