The Jailbreak of Anxious Annie

Those of you who have been following me for a while may have noticed that my art tends to be clean, clear, simple, and tries to make a point. Without knowing why or how, these values had unconsciously become the only way I felt comfortable creating. Until yesterday. Before we get to show and tell, … Read more

Worth The Wait

At the beginning of May, Vince Wendling, a 39-year old, Minnesota-born, passionate, peaceful, loving man, said goodbye to his housemates, coworkers, friends, and a cat (not his) named Frank. He put most of his things in storage, sold his car, and slung a backpack into my trunk. I climbed into the passenger side, he took … Read more

The Miracle of Meeting

Today it occurred to me , the Miracle of Meeting. I am an American woman, thirty-five years old, born in Denver Colorado, a place you’ve probably never heard of. You are an Indian man,  twenty-six, raised in a small village in Dharmsala, in a town I can’t pronounce. We grew up with different languages, world views, ways … Read more

Love, Lies, Death, and Dads

I’m discovering something about Death: It’s a lie. My dad is with me everyday in so many ways. I suspect he’s responsible when his favorite songs come on the radio. I sense him in any man playing a guitar. I often feel him standing behind me with a reassuring hand on my shoulder. When I … Read more

Infinity In a Box

Presence  Or, Infinity In a Box I think Presence gets a bad rap.  It isn’t sitting quietly with open attention (except when it is). it isn’t a smile or a nod or a peaceful pose (except when it is). It isn’t gentle or passive, silent or still (except when it is). Presence is WILD As wild … Read more

Is this Traveling?

Whoever says that traveling is glorious and magical and something everyone must do, was not telling the story from the beginning. Or perhaps they are made of different stuff than I am, like ease and confidence and a perpetual sense of inherent belonging. Perhaps they more easily take risks or they don’t perceive risks in … Read more

Eat The Marshmallow

There is a famous study in which researchers left kids alone with a marshmallow. If the kids waited to eat their marshmallow until the researcher came back, they would get a second one. Some kids ate the first marshmallow right away. Others waited a minute or two. A few made it to the end. Researchers … Read more


There’s this thing in nature where animals, deer, ducks, and others, shake after a stressful encounter, relieving the tension that forms during a fight. Last night after watching the debates, I shook. There’s a baby in my house now, and she cried, unusually distraught. It may be unrelated, but I’m not so sure… WHY ARE … Read more

You’re Gonna Want To Know

A few weeks ago, my brother took me to get my first Tattoo. As I sat in the chair with my arm extended, he put his hand on my shoulder and said to me, “Pay attention. Nothing else feels quite like this. You’re gonna want to know what it feels like.” It was great advice. … Read more