About Me

Leah happy and smiling joyfully.

I am a writer, teacher, coach. I used to have a rather impressive tech career, made a bunch of money, but discovered happiness wasn’t hidden behind the job title or sent along with my bank statement. “Why aren’t I happy?” I couldn’t find the reasons on the surface, so I went looking in other places. Ever since, I have been amazed by what I have found.

I’ve been writing and blogging for nearly twenty years. About ten years back when I also creating and publishing little stick figure comics, which I called Dharma Comics. Dharma Comics mapped my personal journey through self-love, life, purpose, spiritually, perspective, loss, relationships, and everything else I was learning on my search for happiness. These comics took off and eventually found themselves published in a fancy-schamcy book called Drawn Together. I can take very little credit for their genius. They seemed to be channeled from somewhere else and I only take credit for being a loving and responsible steward of their realization. For that I’m exceptionally proud.

For the last decade I have spent countless hours training in different schools of innerwork and personal growth. My primary areas of mastery are the work of The Conscious Leadership GroupThe Work of Byron Katie, and The Sedona Method.  I have also spent more than a decade practicing yoga and various types of meditation. I’m also a recent graduate of The Finders course. And after more than a decade deep-diving into my own personal work, I have many, many, more resources from which to draw.

Now, my purpose in this life is to help free people from mental and emotional suffering. In my experience, after our basic needs of food, water, air, shelter, and physical safety are met, the majority of our suffering comes from what we are thinking, believing, and repressing.

My job as a private coach and group facilitator is to help illuminate the mental and emotional patterns keeping you stuck, and then guide you to release, repattern, and rewrite limiting beliefs and inhibiting emotional patterns.

One genius quality of mine is taking the complex areas of study I love, and communicating the essentials in easy to understand applicable ways. This shows up in my writing, drawing, coaching, and teaching.  When we work together, I can’t help but craft all that I know into digestible and personalized information you can easily apply to your life.