13 thoughts on “YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”

  1. Beloved Leah,
    I love the music you dance to in your life and look forward to listening to more of it.
    Kindest and loving greetings,

  2. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this today…I cried out last night to my angels and my husband’s spirit for help to survive these dark days…thank you for this Leah…you have saved a soul today.

  3. I couldn’t believe how timely this was for me. I am going through one of the hardest things I have faced in my life, often feeling abandoned and uncared for. But I know I will keep on going and, most of all, break away from old ideas of myself. Thank you for affirming that I am not alone.

  4. Wow, this was so excellent. So, full of light and truth. I’ll have to direct others to this poem when I get to the other side.



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