Sometimes I have something to say.
But I’m afraid if I do, something will break.
Like my truth is made of nails and snakes,
Sharpened knives and shattered glass,
Licked with flames and doused in gas.
I hold my thoughts like jagged claws
Trapped, behind clenched jaws
Fierce, like a tiger’s incisors bared
Deathly scared
Of the pain I’d cause
Of loss
Of hurting
From blurting
Uncensored wording.
Sometimes I have something to say
That feels like a mess
“AAAAAHHH Choooo!”
(god bless)
But I know if I don’t
I’ll be stuck
Thinking “Fuck!”
Behind a wall
That’s miles tall
And oceans wide
With you alone
On the other side.

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