Hi! my name is Leah.

I write about truth, transformation, self love.

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Hi! my name is Leah.

I write about truth, transformation, self love.

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Self empowerment comes from cultivating healthy responses to life as it comes

I am devoted to the study of how humans can live healthy happy lives regardless of our circumstances. I will help you take ownership of re-crafting and creating your responses to life. I use the same miraculous tools that have transformed my world, to others people live empowered, courageous, fulfilling lives.

My Writings

I write articles and record videos to share that which has helped me in my own life. My purpose is to help people and this is a way I can do it on the broadest scale.

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Dharma Comics

For ten years I created comics about the inner and outer journey to love. Check them out here.

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I really love that she’s so supportive but at the same time she doesn’t let things slide. Leah also has the ability to see the unseen which brings to light roots of problems and helps unearth issues.
Vlada Vlada Bortnik
CEO and Co-founder of Marco Polo App

Saying Hello

If you’re new to me and my work, let me introduce myself. My teachings are not for everyone. I am tenacious when it comes to discovering, facing, and transforming the core patterns that run our lives. If you are ready to lean into big change, then come with me.

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